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France24: USA’s longstanding role in Middle East facing deep challenges

US leadership role

SHAFAQNA- France24 Wrote that China’s success at bringing Saudi Arabia and Iran together has challenged the United States’ longstanding role as the key outside power broker in the Middle East (West Asia).

Beijing’s persuading arch rivals Riyadh and Tehran to re-establish diplomatic relations upstaged the United States just as Washington appears powerless to intervene in the political tensions in Israel over the Netanyahu government’s sharp-right turn, which has inflamed Palestinians.

“Anything that can help reduce tensions, avoid conflict and deter in any way dangerous and destabilizing actions by Iran is a good thing,” USA’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken said last Wednesday on the Saudi-Iran deal announced on March 10.

US officials have tried to minimize Beijing’s role in the region, saying it is far from supplanting the United States: much of the Middle East still sits under the Pentagon’s security umbrella.

Source: france24

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