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Palestine: Poverty increased to 60% in Gaza

Poverty in Gaza

SHAFAQNA- Head of the Palestinian Workers Union in the Gaza Strip announced that the unemployment rate in Gaza has reached more than 50% and the poverty rate has reached 60%.

Head of the Palestinian workers’ union in the Gaza Strip announced that half of the residents of this strip have no daily income, and the unemployment rate has reached more than 50% and the poverty rate has reached 60%.

According to the Palestinian’s Information Center, Sami Al-Amsi in an international virtual conference, explained the situation in Gaza Strip and the effects of Israel’s cruel blockade for solidarity with the Palestinian people, and said that Israel has turned this strip into a large prison for more than two million people. And it is surrounded by land, sea and sky.

Al-Amsi added that 250,000 workers in the Gaza Strip are currently unemployed. He said that the siege of Gaza has affected all sectors, including fishermen, drivers, mining, tourism, industry, printing, etc. Al-Amsi said that Israel has closed the crossings of Gaza and this has caused all aspects of life in this strip
to be overshadowed.

The head of the Palestinian Workers Union in the Gaza Strip stated that more than 136,000 residential units were damaged in the 2014 war, and their residents were left displaced and homeless, and most of them live in refugee settlement centers. Regarding the lack of medicines in the Gaza Strip, Sami Al-Amsi said that currently 47% of the medicines are not found in this strip.

Source: Palinfo

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