3 takfirs arrest for assassination of Allama Shafqat Abbas Mutahri, Friday prayer leader of Khanpur,

SHAFAQNA – Three takfiri nasbi terrorists of proscribed ASWJ (banned Sipah-e-Sahaba) were arrested by Shikarpur police of Sindh Province because they were involved in targeted assassination of Allama Shafqat Abbas Mutahri, Friday prayer leader of Khanpur, a city of Shikarpur tehsil.

Shia Muslims of the district Shikarpur and in particular of Khanpur took out to streets and staged sit-in to protest against the takfiri terrorists after the targeted murder of eminent Shia religious scholar. Police bowed to their genuine demand and registered a case of murder against 6 takfiri culprits.

Latest reports had it that those takfiri terrorists Aram Muavia, Abdullah Brohi, and Ghulam Mustafa Shar were arrested while Asghar Arain and another two takfiri terrorists were still at large.

After pro-Daesh activities in all over Pakistan, takfiri nasbi terrorists ambushed Mr. Mutahri in Shikarpur district on Wednesday last.

Shikarpur district has been a scene of rise of takfiri fanaticism. ASWJ/LeJ terrorists also made an abortive attempt by sending suicide bombers to hit well-known influential Shia politician Dr Ibrahim Jatoi of Shikarpur district. He survived the attack but his men were martyred.

A noted Shia scholar of the district Mr. Maikho was also martyred in the district. PPP failed to crush terrorist network in its home province Sindh where it secures majority support in the legislature and also is a ruling party.

source : http://www.shiitenews.org/index.php/pakistan/item/11819-3-takfiri-aswj-terrorists-held-in-shikarpur-for-targeted-murder-of-shia-friday-prayer-leader/11819-3-takfiri-aswj-terrorists-held-in-shikarpur-for-targeted-murder-of-shia-friday-prayer-leader


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