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Woman upset over hijab drops suit against Dearborn cops

SHAFAQNA- A Muslim woman who accused Dearborn police of forcing her to remove a headscarf has dropped her lawsuit.

The city of Dearborn released a statement Wednesday saying an attorney for Maha Aldhalimi dropped the lawsuit when confronted with video evidence. The city didn’t detail the video but said Aldhalimi’s allegations were “recklessly made.”

But her attorney, Shereff Akeel, insists the lawsuit was successful because Dearborn now allows women to wear a head covering during a booking photo.

Aldhalimi alleged she was humiliated and her rights were violated when she was ordered to remove the headscarf, known as hijab, for a photo at the police department in 2014.

Dearborn has one of the largest populations of Arab Americans in the country.

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  1. Con Ken says:

    Why in God’s name are they allowing that?, that is insane! There is no bases for the law suit, u bet she should of taken off the scarf!
    In USA prison, they do not allow scarfs at all because people hang themselves and others with them. What are the Muslim Dearborn cops thinking? Wait… I just said it, Muslim cops


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