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Expert on Türkiye: Power is in Erdogan’s hands

Türkiye Erdogan

SHAFAQNA FUTURE- A university professor and a regional affairs expert says: If 5% of votes of the third candidate are casted for Kilicdaroglu, he can win the Türkiye elections; otherwise, Erdogan will win.

Erdogan dominated Türkiye for 20 years

In an interview with Shafaqna Future, regarding the second round for the presidential elections, Dr Mohsen Jalilvand told: “The 100th anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye will be celebrated this year. Erdogan has dominated the Republic of Türkiye for 20 years. That is, he was Türkiye’s prime minister for 10 years and Türkiye’s president for 10 years. Thus, Erdogan has been recognized in Türkiye”.

Erdogan was unpredictable

He added: “Kemal Kilicdaroglu and his coalition mostly look for a new movement in the foreign policy of Türkiye. They want to move toward the West and the Look to the West again. Kilicdaroglu wants to solve its problems with the West. Mr. Erdogan used a theory that Nixon called it the “madman” theory. That is, he had unpredictable behavior. Erdogan behaved like a pendulum and was totally unpredictable. The situation in the foreign policy of Türkiye was the same.

Turkish people are unpredictable

Regarding that Mr. Erdogan led over his opposition rival Kilicdaroglu and whether this situation will continue in the second round, this university professor pointed out: “if 5% of votes of the third candidate are casted for Kilicdaroglu, he will naturally win the elections. But Turkish people are unpredictable. In my opinion, given that the parliament is in the hands of the Justice and Development Party, Kilicdaroglu cannot change the law and again returns it to the parliamentary system if he wins the elections. Erdogan’s party has still won a majority in the country’s parliament. During these 20 years, Erdogan has arranged his supporters in the administrative and political system, i.e. power is still in the hands of Erdogan.


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