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Saudi Arabia executes fourth Shia detainee in less than 24 hours

Saudi executes Shia detainee

SHAFAQNA- The Saudi Interior Ministry yesterday announced that it had carried out the death penalty against Ahmed Al-Badr, who is from the Shia minority in the east of the country, making him the fourth detainee to be executed in less than 24 hours.

The ministry explained that Al-Badr was found guilty of “communicating with an enemy country, leaving the kingdom illegally, and joining one of that country’s [training] camps.”

He was also found guilty of “receiving training in weapons and bombs, returning to the Kingdom and covering up those who had smuggled him and his companions to receive military training, possessing weapons, and smuggling other weapons to implement his terrorist plan to breach the kingdom’s security,” according to the same source.

The charges are very similar to those attributed to the three young men whom the Saudi authorities executed on Monday.

Saudi Arabia has executed three men in the eastern region of the country, without having previously published any information on their cases.

The interior ministry released a statement on Monday confirming that Saudi nationals Hassan bin Issa al-Muhanna, Haidar bin Hassan Muwais and Mohammed bin Ibrahim Muwais had been put to death.

Source: middleeastmonitor, middleeasteye

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