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Afghanistan: Bad living conditions forced thousands of people in Bamiyan to live in caves

SHAFAQNA AFGHANISTAN– The severe economic crisis and dire living conditions that Afghanistan is facing have driven thousands of families to live in caves.

The number of cave dwellers has increased since the end of the USA’s occupation in Afghanistan in August 2021, along with worsening living conditions and malnutrition.

“Ahmad Musavi,” an Afghan journalist in the province of Bamiyan, stated, “More than 1,400 families are living in caves.”

He said: “The United Nations has promised these families to build houses for them, and construction started for them at a relatively distant location from the center of the province.”

The journalist added: “Afghan families live in caves ranging from 5 to 10 square meters, and some of them have been forced to expand their caves with adobe walls.”

The greatest hardship experienced by Afghan cave dwellers is the lack of drinking water, leaking roofs during the rainy season, and the presence of insects, especially during the summer.

Source: Shafaqna Afghanistan

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