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Afghanistan: Women’s protest march in Takhar against Taliban policies

SHAFAQNA AFGHANISTAN– Several women protesters in Takhar took to the streets once again and voiced their objections to Taliban policies.

Videos shared on social networks show protesters criticizing the Taliban’s ban on women’s education and employment, chanting slogans such as “Women are not expendable.”

These women described the deprivation of girls from universities and schools by the Taliban as “ignorance.” The women protesters reiterated that women constitute “half of society” and should not be forgotten.

The Takhar women protesters also chanted the slogan “Bread, work, freedom.” In the past two years, the Taliban has imposed severe restrictions on women in the areas of work, education, and participation in society.

In recent months, Afghan women in various cities across the country have raised their voices in protest against Taliban policies. However, the Taliban’s response to these protests has been arrests, suppression, and violence.

Despite ongoing protests by women in Afghan cities and the insistence of international human rights organizations on respecting women’s rights, the Taliban has not relented in implementing its restrictive policies.

Source: Shafaqna Afghanistan

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