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The Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Hadiths About Himself

SHAFAQNA- The Messenger of God, Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) has stated many Hadiths about himself that presents the greatness of his creation.

In a Hadith, in response to Jabir bin Abdullah Ansari, who asked about the first creation of God: “What is the first thing created by God Almighty?” He said: “O’ Jabir, God created the light of your Prophet first and then created every good thing from that light.”  (Kashaf Al-Khafaa, vol. 1, p. 269) Or he said: ” the first thing that God created was my light, which he took from his light and derived from the glory of his greatness.”, (Awali Al-A’li, vol. 4, p. 99.)

Muhammad’s (PBUH) Prophecy

He also says about his mission: “I am the first of the prophets by creation and the last by sending.” (Ibid., p. 122.) They also said: “I am like a man who builds a [very beautiful and interesting] house and people enter and marvel at its beauty.” And they will say: [We have not seen a better building than this] except that one brick of it is removed, then the Messenger of God (PBUH) said: I am replaced in that empty brick, I came and ended the chain of prophets. (Musnad Ahmad, vol. 3, p. 361; Sahih Muslim, vol. 7, pg. 65, and Al-Musannaf, Ibn Abi Shaybah, vol. 7, p. 440.)

Reasons for Muhammad’s (PBUH) superiority

In another Hadith, he says: I was superior to the prophets in six things: (comprehensive and beautiful words) was given to me, I was helped by the element of fear, spoils became lawful for me, the earth became pure for me and it turned to a place of prostration and worship, I was sent to all people and I was chosen as the last of the prophets. (Musnad Ahmad, Vol. 2, p. 412; Sahih Muslim, Vol. 2, p. 64 and Musnad Abi Yaali, Vol. 11, p. 378.)

The reason for Muhammad’s (PBUH) prophethood

But regarding the cause of his prophethood and mission, he says: “I was sent to perfect the virtues of morality”. (Makarem al-Akhlaq, Tabarsi, p. 8) The meaning of this Hadith is that Islam did not bring a new religion, but it removed the defects of the previous religions, and in addition, it displays the best moral behaviors of humans; avoiding the wrongs, lies, gossips, backbiting, slander and incursion, advice to do good deeds, benevolence and kindness to others, mercy, attempt for success, a peaceful life with the family, which is the origin of the formation of the society, which is the Islamic and human nation, in which the followers of all Divine religions live in peace and tranquility and mutual respect, and an ideal society that provides the means of worldly and hereafter happiness for man, and ultimately the journey to the world after death, which is the eternal abode of man, and in the form of the present and effective goodness of man, he will live there forever in peace.

Muhammad Amin

Muhammad (PBUH) introduced Islam in the best way and made his way of life a symbol for the realization of such a society. A government that was formed on the basis of the oneness of God, divine justice, prophethood and leadership in terms of belief, and based on ten practical principles or branches of religion in the practical dimension; prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, enjoining the good, forbidding the evil, fighting internal and external enemy, alms tax and one fifth tax to ensure a productive and dynamic economy, and to love the heavenly leaders and to avoid the enemies of God and innocents and man and humanity. In order to achieve worldly happiness, by following the principles of belief and practice, man perfects himself in order to guarantee his hereafter happiness as well.

Muhammad (PBUH) was sent as a teacher

Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) also said: I was sent as a teacher: “I was sent as a teacher”, (Sunan Al-Darmi, vol.1, p.100; Sunan Ibn Majah, vol. 1, p. 83 and Musnad Abi Dawud Tayalisi, p. 298.) because Prophet (PBUH) teaches people divine knowledge and wisdom in order to purify them and give them good qualities: “just as We sent a messenger from yourselves among you; to recite our verses to you; and purify you; and teach you books and wisdom; And tell you what you did not know” (Al-Baqarah: 151).

In another part, he also says: “Allah (SWT) did not send me proud and stubborn, but He sent me in a clothes of a facilitator to consult with others without prejudice and with tolerance in the affairs of the society”. ( Sahih Muslim, vol. 4, p. 188; Al-Jami Al-Saghir, Vol.) “and he should consult others.” (Al-Imran: 159), listen to the words of others and choose the best and teach others and argue others with the best moral, humane and literary methods: Invite to your Lord with wisdom and good admonition! And argue and debate with them in a way that is better! (Al-Nahl: 125), so that the hearts of pure people are calmed by divine guidance and they accept the truth with a kind embrace. Islam is the religion of peace and human evolution, God’s gift to man to free him from his ugliness and ego and guide him to happiness and salvation, this is the religion of Muhammad (PBUH) and his family (AS).

This text is written by Mohammad Saeid Taheri Moosavi & translated by Fatemeh Aghaei for Shafaqna English. All rights reserved for Shafaqna. 

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