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Red Sea Ports Foundation discusses agreed projects with the UN

SHAFAQNA- Captain Mohammed Isaac, Executive Director of Yemen Red Sea Ports Foundation, on Sunday (04 June 2023) discussed with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Deputy Resident Representative for Operations, Mr. Mulugeta Abebe, on aspects of the matrix of projects agreed to meet the needs of the foundation.

According to SABA, In this meeting, the director of the Hodeida program office, with the presence of Hema Khadka, discussed the challenges and measures related to what UNDP has to do to implement these projects, especially in terms of meeting the requirements of Hodeida port for development projects and maintaining food and equipment. The machinery and its supply had been agreed with the gantry crane.

Also stated, Captain Isaac, reviewed the efforts of the foundation and the United Nations Development Program Liaison Team in the matrix procedures with the aim of accelerating the delivery of agreed projects for the reconstruction of Hodeida port if necessary.

He emphasized the importance of a more effective role of the United Nations Development Program in accelerating the implementation of these projects in accordance with the chronic action plan of the work matrix to transform the Stockholm agreement into restoring what was destroyed by the aggression in Hodeida port.

Source: SABA

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