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Survey: Protection risks that threaten children with disabilities in Lebanon and Northwest Syria

SHAFAQNA- After 12 years of conflict, the Syrian crisis is one of the world’s largest displacement and displacement events in recent times. Boys and girls who are now internally displaced in Syria or refugees in host countries experience a worse humanitarian situation that exposes them to various protection risks.

According to Reliefweb, child, early and forced marriage (CEFM), child labor, lack of access to education and various forms of physical and psychological abuse or exploitation are some of the challenges Syrian refugees and displaced children face on a daily basis due to their socio-economic composition. Crises, conflicts and displacements. Children with disabilities (CWD) – whether physical, intellectual, hearing, visual or speech – are at risk of further marginalization and face additional challenges, particularly in northwestern Syria and Lebanon, where significant barriers to inclusive education remain. remained.

Also stated, through a mixed methods research approach that included a survey of 144 CWD caregivers and parents in Lebanon and northwestern Syria—as well as focus group discussions (FGDs) with children with and without disabilities, caregivers, and teachers—it has shown that, despite The ongoing challenges and importance of inclusive education are still recognized by Syrian communities in northwestern Syria and Lebanon. Caregivers and children from both backgrounds placed a strong emphasis on access to inclusive education for boys and girls, with or without disabilities, which in turn reduces their exposure to CEFM and child labour.

The demand for education is clear, but children and youth in northwestern Syria and Lebanon face multiple barriers to accessing inclusive education, including lack of resources, security risks, bullying, and the persistent stigma of disability. These barriers are exacerbated among CWD as they face additional barriers such as inadequate school facilities and a lack of specialist teaching skills to meet their learning needs.

In Lebanon, CWD among Syrian refugees faces social exclusion and stigma, which can make them less likely to engage in child marriage and child labor compared to children without disabilities. However, this does not mean that their protection is protected, as they are at greater risk of being exposed to the stigma of disability and exploitation, which in turn prevents them from accessing basic rights such as education or livelihood. .

In Northwestern Syria, the prevalence of early marriage is significantly influenced by gender roles, strongly affecting girls with and without disabilities. When it comes to child labor, the type of work Syrian CWD engage in is also affected by their disability. Due to the unstable context, CWD face a variety of risks that hinder their access and participation in school, both of which are exacerbated by the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Read full text in Reliefweb.

Source: Reliefweb

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