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Wealth or position?

SHAFAQNA – Wealth is a tool which is utilised to get to the unjust position and status. Human beings sacrifice wealth to get to a position and the position is preferred to wealth. Therefore, wealth can be used as a tool for misguiding and dominating people which will lead to their slavery.

On the other hand, the justified position is full of difficulties and has no enjoyment but the unjust position has (apparent) enjoyment and comfort, hence for attaining comfort and enjoyment and the unjust position, wealth is sacrificed in favour of position. Those who spend their money to get to the unjust position, lose both this world and the next. In fact, (the just) position is the Divine Gift [1].

[1] Rasa’el Bandegy, Ayatollah Sheikh Mojtaba Tehrani, Page 316.

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