313 Foundation held event in Washington – mark Eid al Ghadeer

SHAFAQNA – The Shi’a Community of the east coast will gather in front of the White House to celebrate the idea of a Divine leader and his sublime qualities while spreading the message of coexistence with the people of other ideologies.

Washington D.C. – September 16, 2017 – The “313 Foundation” is organizing its annual “Day of Hope” gathering in the Nation’s Capital, in front of the Whitehouse. This momentous event was observed the previous year in a grand manner in New York City near the Cities Mayor’s office. The Shi’a community from all across the east coast, plan to congregate in front of the Whitehouse with the intent to show the world the qualities of righteous leader that is depicted in the Holy Qur’an and demonstrated by the Holy household of the Prophet of Islam (saw), in comparison to the leadership of the influential societies and their undesirable effects on the social and political canvas of the world.

The world as we witness today is the world that is seeping into darkness of atrocities where neither the basic rights of a human being are offered nor the value of life is given any importance. The indiscriminant killings in Yemen, Rohingya, Pakistan and other developing countries are the burning issues of genocide that is happening on the face of the earth while the world is remaining indifferent. The psychology of the general population is deeply affected by the hateful uprisings of the ultra-right societies, where every day is spent in fear and uncertainty. The population of the underdeveloped countries of this era is surrounded by poverty, exploitation, discrimination and genocide, and there is no apparent sign of relief, while the plight of the population of the developed countries is such that they are surrounded by discrimination, depression, narcotic addictions, domestic violence and the urge to engage in killing sprees.

In these unfortunate circumstances, we at 313 Foundation find it necessary to light the candle of hope in the rapid-spreading darkness of hopelessness – through celebrating the idea of the Divine leadership. We want to demonstrate to the world that there is light beyond the dark clouds of oppression, and the relief and salvations of human struggles is in reach. We as a community collectively needs to realize that no society can exist without a leader and the effect of the leadership over the society is immediate, and based on that premise we must ask ourselves a question “is there such leadership that can remove the chains of atrocities and strengthen the society with the lofty principles of absolute Justice?” The answer to these questions has always been around but was faded into the murkiness created by the propaganda machines of the dictatorial systems. While shouldering the aim of enlightening the people with the consciousness of their plight we want to shout to the world that relief is around the corner, and all we need to do is to open our eyes and inquire about a momentous event in history known as “Ghadeer”.

The event of Ghadeer defines the standards of a leader, identifies the attributes of such institute and its bearer, it surfaces the merits of a leader, symbolizes the perfection of mankind, and raises the hand of a man that embodies all the qualities of a perfect leader – His name was “ALI”, and our aim is for the world to know who is “ALI” and what is “GHADEER”, and the current divine leader AlMAHDI from the same of legacy of leadership. The “Day of Hope” is the day that is away from the mundane order of life, where we stop and realize that the hope of peace, the hope of freedom and the hope of justice do exist in the world.

The “313 Foundation” is a nonprofit organization aimed to undertake humanitarian projects which are not just related to feeding the homeless and provide medical attention to the needy but also to empower the population by eliminating the poverty of ignorance caused by the distortion of information while surfacing the message of Islam. Spearheading the ‘313 Foundation’ organization is Shahid Hussain who is a visionary and a thinker, and who has a deep attachment and a sense of responsibility towards Islam and Humanity.



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