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Palmyra and the rise of the Syrian Resistance

SHAFAQNA – Earlier this March the Syrian Arab Army secured a victory against the Black Flag Army which is likely to be remembered as THE pivotal moment which saw the balance of this war of attrition flip in favour of the Resistance.

When I say Resistance I am referring to this grand coalition against terror the Syrian government managed to rise against Daesh and its foreign patrons – I am referring to the only coalition against terror worth talking about in the Levant as it is only under its banner that Wahhabi militants have in fact be forced to retreat. If not for the support of Russia, Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah, if not for the thousands of Syrian volunteers and its dedicated military, Syria would have long fallen under the control of Terror – all to quench imperialism’ s hegemonic hunger.

But Syria did not fall, and it is likely it will never bow to those which seek to invade its land, and enslave its people. Might it be under the flag of Terror or that of “humanitarian interventionism” or whatever new labels Western powers will hide their neo-colonial goals under, Syria will not throw in the towel and abandon its sovereignty.

If many imagined that Syria would be another Libya, another quick victory to be claimed by Western interventionism, they should by now have realised that true popular legitimacy lies still in Damascus, and that deeply rooted political sovereignty is not easily swayed.

Syria as it happens could be what will break Daesh’s momentum in the Middle East – the insurmountable wall the terror group will ultimately break its head against.

Although Syria has scored many great significant victories since 2011, none so far have been as significant as that of Palmyra. Sitting atop a strategic vantage point, the retake of Palmyra will open up new avenues against terror, directly challenging the dominion it claimed away from Syria, thus fracturing its territorial integrity. With Palmyra the road to Raqqa, Daesh’s de facto capital, stand wide open, a sitting duck before the mounting anger of a people who just realised what feats they are capable of achieving when united.

But Palmyra was not just a military victory. Palmyra is a Syrian victory! Palmyra stands testament to Syria’s courage, resilience and might. With Palmyra, Syria reclaimed not just a piece of its land, but its historical heritage, and its traditions. An ancient architectural jewel, Palmyra is everything Daesh seeks to destroy as it speaks of culture, faiths, and tolerance. The temple which time forgot, Palmyra’s scars and the abominations terror carried against its wall, its city, and its people, will from now on stand a reminder of Syria’s stealth – a mirror to its people’s thirst for freedom.

A designated UNESCO World Heritage site Palmyra fell to Daesh in May 2015.

“Having Palmyra in the army’s hands is an important achievement and new evidence of the effectiveness of the strategy followed by the Syrian army and its allies in the war against terrorism,” President Assad told a delegation of French parliamentarians on March 27.

President al-Assad added that Damascus’ strategy is more efficient than that of the US-led coalition of more than 60 countries.

THAT is the under-statement of the year, if not the decade!

However eager the West has been at “forgetting” that Palmyra ever happened, it is impossible to deny, and reject the success Syria has witnessed since it joined forces with Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah. It is the combination of all such powers and resources which enabled and empowered the Syrian Arab Army against Daesh.

It is such collaboration which will ultimately crumble Terror’s dominion, and disintegrate its ranks.

On Syria’s momentous victory against terror mainstream media have said NOTHING – those same media which have battered our ears with their calls for actions, and eternal vows of defiance against the evil of radicalism …

At the very moment Syria slay the dragon, the Western world fell into deafening silence. How odd indeed … Or maybe not if we take into account that Terror has been nothing but leverage in the hands of those Western hegemons, and their pet regimes.

Danielle Ryan offers some interesting insights into the matter when she writes for RT: “The recapture of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra was the single biggest defeat for ISIS since it declared its caliphate, but the West does not seem interested. Why? Because then they’d have to give some credit to Russia. Indeed, it must have been a tough weekend for Western media’s favourite Syria pundits. It’s hard to fathom that any observer — regardless of their particular leanings — could feel anything other than relief at such a victory.

Yet, there’s a strange sense that some pundits might actually be a little bit disappointed. Not to see the back of ISIS in the city, of course, but to be faced with the uncomfortable reality that their narrative is quickly unravelling.”

There you have it – Syria’s victory in Palmyra held an uncomfortable mirror to Western hypocrisy and its warped terror narrative.

For all their fronted outrage, and disgust of Daesh, Western officials could not bring themselves to celebrate Palmyra’s victory. After the tears they shed and the ink their media spent in decrying the fall of the historical city, you would think joy would have run freely on the pages and TV screens of every new news outlet in the Western hemisphere.

But that would be of course to admit absolute incompetence at fighting terror – worse still, by hailing Syria’s victory in Palmyra, Western capitals would recognize Damascus’ potency, and by extension its legitimacy.

Short of any better options, the West chose silence.

Interestingly it is such silence which speaks volume … it is in such silence that clarity can be found as to Western powers’ true agenda.

Can you hear?

By Catherine Shakdam – This article appeared first in the American Herald




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