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Shafaqna interview: Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) mission is to “protect human dignity”

SHAFAQNA- “The Holy Prophet (PBUH) wants the dignity of human beings to be preserved. He tries to cover people’s faults, not to reveal their mistakes and preserve the general interest of the society,” A member of the faculty of the University of Religions said.

Hujjatol-Islam Mehrab Sadegh Nia said in an interview with Shafaqna: “Perhaps it can be said that the principle of piety and the revelation and mission of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is to protect human dignity. The Holy Quran says: “O believers! Respond to Allah (SWT) and God’s Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life.

And know that Allah (SWT) stands between a person and their heart, and that to God you will all be gathered.” Therefore, the reason for the existence of religion and mission is to give life to the society. But was the society dead that day or were the people dead that the Prophet (PBUH) wanted to revive them? It is clear that what is meant by “revival”, is spiritual revival which means giving dignity to human beings.”

Purpose of sending prophets is to bring people to dignity

He considered the purpose of religion and religious teachings to preserve human dignity and continued: “The Quran emphasizes in its verses that the purpose of sending prophets is to bring people to dignity, but we can see this principle abundantly in the life of the Prophet (PBUH). He treat people as if there is no difference between them and others; For example, we have in the narration that if someone entered the crowd where the Prophet (PBUH) was sitting, he would not feel that he is the Prophet of God. Also, he says somewhere: “Don’t treat me like a giant”.

The meaning of this word is that he wants to preserve human dignity. Or that he tries to cover the people’s faults, does not reveal their mistakes and preserves the general interest of the society, and tries to sympathize with the people until the Quranic Verse is revealed to the Prophet (PBUH) that how long can you grieve over this Ummah? Therefore, he is nicknamed “Prophet of Mercy”. From this point of view, it can be said that respecting human beings and protecting human dignity is prominent in the life of the Prophet (PBUH).”

Source: Shafaqna Persian

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