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UNGA’s President: The downtrodden of Arab world will not be ignored

downtrodden of Arab world

SHAFAQNA- President of the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly said that My message for (the downtrodden of the Arab world) is that they are not forgotten. And they will not be ignored.

That is especially relevant to the Arab world, which has been grappling with a multitude of crises. From Syria and Yemen to Palestine and Sudan, political upheavals, armed conflicts, displacement, economic and humanitarian crises have for decades been the cause of untold human suffering. According to the UN, 116 million people across 10 Arab countries, or 41 percent of the total population, are poor, while another 25 percent are vulnerable to poverty, Dennis Francis said .

He said: “The focus of the SDGs is on lifting people up, on ensuring that all people enjoy their rights and entitlements, that they share the benefits of society and that development leaves no one behind. This is the thrust of the 78th session of the General Assembly.

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