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Why persistence in prayers to God is recommended?

SHAFAQNA – Do not consider any Dua small, maybe (Divine) acceptance is in that (small) Dua. After performing Salaat evry person is allowed one Dua to be accepted by God, then stands up and goes, do not stand up and leave the moment you finish performing Salaat, recite the follow ups, recite Dua. As the kite does not go up without tail, the salaat also does not go up without follow ups. After performing Salaats, certainly recite follow ups, sit down by the door of God’s house and beg and request (your) wishes, maybe tonight, your Dua is accepted. A person must be persistent in begging God, as Allah (SWT) said: You call me, I will grant your Duas (requests) [1].

[1] Tariqe Wasl, Ayatollah Mojtahedi Tehrani, page 72.

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