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Is denying infallibility of Imams (AS) the proof of apostasy? The Grand Ayatollah Rouhani’s answers


The Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Sadeq Rouhani answered questions about denying the Divine Revelation, the Quran and the infallibility of Imams (AS).


  1. Is denying (Divine) Revelation and the Quran as the words of God, claiming that it (the Quran) was from the thoughts of the Prophet (PBUH) and has many mistakes, the proof of apostasy?
  2. What about denying the infallibility of Imams (AS)?

The Grand Ayatollah Rouhani:

  1. Because this person does not believe in the Prophet (PBUH), is a disbeliever and an apostate.
  2. The infallibility of Imams (AS) is the essential part of the religion, if any person has the knowledge and denies it; is a disbeliever and an apostate. And if a person is really in doubt and cannot learn; is not an apostate.


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