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Sunnis and Shiite Muslims join to condemn Bahrain’s move against Sheikh Qassim

SHAFAQNA – The recent decision of the authorities in revoking the nationality of the leading religious figure of the Shia community in Bahrain, Ayatollah Isa Qassim, is a repressive move that will only stoke sectarian tensions. We are living in very difficult times, which necessitates avoiding such measures to allow for a more peaceful and coexistent society.

The Bahraini authorities cannot meet demands for democratization and reform whilst stoking sectarian chaos by destroying places of worship, arresting religious figures and revoking citizenships.

Ayatollah Qasim’s influence in Bahrain contributes to a more peaceful atmosphere and the revoking of his citizenship will only do the opposite. This action by the Bahraini authorities is an unacceptable interference in the affairs of the Shia religious leadership in Bahrain. Hundreds of Bahrainis have now had their citizenships revoked, in an attempt to delegitimize citizens from their national roots. This is a deeply divisive tactic that only promotes further mistrust.

We pray for the national unity of Bahrain and call upon all Muslim and other leaders to urge the Bahraini authorities to reverse this measure and end this dangerous process of inciting religious tensions. In this holy month of Ramadhan, it is vital that Bahrainis from all sides stand together and reject sectarianism in all its forms. Bahrain has a proud history of coexistence amongst its citizens and any attempts to sow disunity should be rejected.

Al-Khoei Foundation, Sayed Saheb Al-Khoei

Centre Association of Sunni Muslims UK, Allama Pir Sayed Zahid Hussain Rizvi; Chairman.

Imam Khoei Islamic Centre, Ayatollah Sayed Fadhil Milani

IQRA Islamic Institute Oxford, Sheikh Doctor Ramzy

Leicester Central Mosque, Maulana Shahid Raza; Chief Imam

Majlis-E-Ulama Shia Europe, Maulana Sheikh Zafar Abbas

Sunni Hanafi Sharia Council UK, Mr Ahmed Nisar Beg

World Ahlul-Bayt Islamic League, Sayed Mohammed Al-Musawi

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