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Rocket hits school near US embassy in Kabul, day after ISIS attack kills 80

SHAFAQNA – A massive explosion has rocked the diplomatic district of the Afghan capital, Kabul, the Interior Ministry has confirmed. A mortar hit a school building that was empty at the time, causing no fatalities.

اصابت يك فير مرمي راكت در ساحه مكرويان سوم مربوط حوزه ٩ امنيتي تلفاتي در پي نداشته

Police say at least five people are being treated for cuts from broken glass dispersed by the blast, according to Kabul journalist Bilal Sarwary.

The incident comes a day after a twin bombing of Shiite demonstration killed at least 80 people in the city. The Sunni group Islamic State has taken responsibility for the Saturday attack, the bloodiest in 15 years.

: Ambulances’ sirens, gun fires follow a huge explosion near diplomatic enclave n . Gunfire has calmed down now.

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