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The glorious Quran; Its beautiful words and concepts

SHAFAQNA- The Holy Quran’s beauty does not only lie in its concepts and teachings. Its words are beautiful as well. It was these beautiful words that impressed and astonished those whose hearts had been locked up and who were not willing to understand, see, benefit from and accept Quranic concepts at the time they were sent down. Even such individuals were moved deeply in the face of the miraculous beauty of such words. They could not resist Quranic words. The Holy Quran’s words, rhythm, method and style are a miracle in their own right.

The Holy Quran is not a poem or a piece of prose. It is neither a poem nor a piece of prose, but it is as beautiful as the best poem and the best piece of prose. Sometimes, there is meter in some Quranic ayahs as well, but the beauty of the Holy Quran’s words does not only lie in poetic meter. Even when there is no meter, the beauty of its words attracts us. It is not correct to use the word “mesmerize”, but we can say that it steals one’s heart. The Holy Quran is like this.

Well, this beauty should be used as a tool. The Holy Quran’s goal was not to display beautiful words so much so that orators, eloquent personalities and poets would acknowledge its beauty, bow down before it and say that it is good and beautiful. This was not the only goal of the Holy Quran. Its goal is that we use this gate of beauty to reach that blessed and glorious garden of Quranic teachings. This is the goal. Quranic concepts and teachings are a thousand times more beautiful than Quranic words – I am saying this figure as a common figure in our daily speech, otherwise it might be thousands of times more beautiful because we are not capable of measuring its beauty exactly.

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