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Philosophy behind fasting

Shafaqna English | by Haruna Djamanca- Some may wonder what led to the imposition of fasting. There is a philosophy behind every action or command issued by God Almighty, otherwise God’s Commands or prohibitions would be meaningless and without wisdom.

But before talking about God’s wisdom regarding fasting, I would like to point out a very important point, which is that, it is not necessary to find a reason for what the Almighty commands us to do, as not all of the commands and prohibitions issued by God have a reason mentioned for it, even though we are certain that there is a benefit or harm behind it.

However Let us first talk about the moral benefit or philosophy that led to the recommendation for fasting, with the exception of certain people or circumstances, such as the sick or breastfeeding person, whose fasting would harm the breastfeeding child, the traveler, or the elderly.

One of the virtues of fasting is that when performing the obligatory or recommended daily deeds, they are multiplied, especially in the blessed month of Ramadhan. Also, the fasting person, even when he is asleep, has good deeds and good deeds recorded for him. This alone is sufficient for us in this place to mention the virtue of fasting.

As for the physical or material benefits, they are countless, recent studies have proven that a person needs to rest his stomach from time to time because the machines responsible for the digestion process need rest and time, to be able to carry out their duties better, and this is not possible when a person is exciding in his or her eating.

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