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New Arab: Lebanese displaced by Israeli attacks have little hope of going home

When fighting started on the 8 of October, Mustafa Seyed was worried. Seyed’s house was situated on the outskirts of Beit Leif, a small village about two kilometres from the Israeli-Lebanese border, a conspicuous target for Israeli bombs. He decided to move his two wives and 11 children to a friend’s home nearby and wait for the hostilities to stop.
After ten days of steadily increasing fighting, Seyed telephoned a friend in the city of Sour, some 20 kilometres away, who told him about a shelter that had been set up to receive displaced people. Six months later, Seyed and his family are still stuck in the displacement centre with little optimism that they will be able to leave anytime soon.

They are some of the over 91,000 people displaced from their homes in southern Lebanon by the fighting. Most of the 24,000 who were displaced to Sour have either stayed with friends and relatives or have managed to rent homes by themselves. However, even outside of the shelters, displaced residents are facing similar challenges.

“People left their homes without their belongings – they didn’t expect this to last so long,” Bilal Kashmar, the media coordinator for the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) unit in Sour, told TNA.

“There is not enough to secure their daily needs, we can only give them the basics. Even the shelters are not intended for long term stays,” Kashmar said.

Six months on, fighting is still displacing residents anew as the scale and intensity of clashes steadily increase, pushing even those who were determined to remain out of their homes.

Sources: New Arab

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