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Muslims in Cameroon observe Ramadhan with open doors of homes around iftar time

Shafaqna English- In a tradition honoured around Cameroon during Ramadhan in which Muslims open their doors to anyone looking to break their fast around iftar time.

Around 20% of the population of Cameroon is Muslim. In Yaounde, the Potouo family welcomes dozens of guests every evening.

Mohamed Mbouo, a member of the family, said that “sharing in Islam is a very important foundation in which each Muslim should not eat if he isn’t sure if his neighbour has eaten or not. And not just Muslim neighbours, your neighbour can also be a non-Muslim.”

Raima Potouo helped prepare the evening meal, and explained that cooking for Muslims during Ramdan is a blessing, and allows for an observer’s sins to be forgiven.

“If I feed one Muslim per day for 30 days, in addition to my 30 days of fasting I have 30 more days, and it’s as if I fasted for 60 days,” Potouo said.

Sources: Africa News

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