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Kabul: Taliban blocks gates of dozens of schools due to female students enrolment

SHAFAQNA AFGHANISTAN – Local sources say the Taliban have blocked the gates of dozens of schools in Kabul under the pretext of the presence of girls above the sixth grade.

According to Shafaqna Afghanistan’s news agency, sources report that the Taliban initiated this process on Monday, April 1st, in the seventh and tenth districts, and the plan is expected to be implemented throughout Kabul. The Taliban have warned school officials in Kabul that they will be pursued if they continue their activities.

Recently, the Taliban’s Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice instructed school officials to refrain from admitting girls wearing “light-colored Hijabs” to school.

This comes as the Taliban, after regaining control of Afghanistan, banned girls above the sixth grade from attending school and continue to prohibit their education in universities.

Observers say that this group is trying to completely eliminate women and girls from society by exerting pressure on them in the country.

Source: Shafaqna

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