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Syrians revitalize old Ramadhan traditions with mass Iftar banquet at Mosque in Aleppo

Shafaqna English- Over 1,200 Syrians gathered at the recently renovated Grand Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo city for mass Iftar, marking the first communal gathering of its kind in 12 years.

The event, organized by the Syrian Trust for Development in collaboration with local charities, aims to revive the old Ramadhan spirit in Aleppo, a historic and cultural hub in Syria. The Grand Umayyad Mosque holds special significance as a World Heritage Site.

Tables were arranged in long lines in the spacious yard of the Umayyad Mosque to accommodate more than 1,200 guests. The sight was special as it blended the historic charm of the venue with visitors experiencing it for the first time in years, as the mosque had been undergoing restoration since the eastern part of Aleppo was liberated by the Syrian army in 2016.

Sources: Xinhua

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