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Shafaqna interview: Imam Baqir (AS) emphasizes the spiritual and moral upbringing

SHAFAQNA- The Head of the Quran and Hadith University, drawing from the teachings of Imam Baqir (AS) who stated: “The silence of a literate person in the eyes of God is better than the glorification of an ignorant person,” elucidates the message. He emphasizes that this Hadith underscores the imperative for individuals to prioritize their spiritual and moral growth.

Hojjatul-Islam Abdul Hadi Masoudi, in his discussion with Shafaqna, delves into the nuances of this hadith. He emphasizes the importance of understanding two key Arabic terms, “Adib” and “Jahil,” which convey deeper meanings beyond their literal translations. He clarifies that “Adib” refers to a cultured individual with proper morals, not simply a literary figure, while “Jahil” signifies not just ignorance but a lack of wisdom and self-control.

He underscores that the essence of this hadith lies in its encouragement for individuals to cultivate inner virtues and moral rectitude. Hojatoleslam Masoudi emphasizes that a person’s true worth is not determined by vocal praise but by their cultivated character.

He adds that individuals who embody divine manners and Islamic ethics, even in their silence, are esteemed in the eyes of God, surpassing the praise accorded to those lacking in education or moral refinement.

The Head of the Quran and Hadith University further expounds on Imam Baqir’s (AS) emphasis on spiritual and moral upbringing. He emphasizes that while invocations and prayers hold significance, they should complement, rather than overshadow, the pursuit of moral excellence.

In conclusion, Masoudi reiterates Imam Baqir’s (AS) call for a deeper focus on spiritual and moral growth. He advocates for a shift towards nurturing inner virtues and moral character in contemporary society, emphasizing the superiority of morality and ethical conduct over mere rituals.

Source: Shafaqna Persian


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