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Syrians rally in Hasakah to protest against Turkey’s intervention in Syria

SHAFAQNA – Arab tribal groups protested in the city of Sere Kanye (also known as Ras al-Ain) in Syria’s northeastern Hasakah province. The demonstrators massed on Wednesday to condemn Turkey’s intervention in Syria.

Hundreds of protesters called on the Turkish forces to withdraw from Syria.

“We condemn the Turkish occupation of Syrian territories. We protested today to show that not only Kurds are against this intervention, but Arabs and all the components of the Syrian society,” one of the protesters said in Sere Kaniye.

The protesters expressed their anger towards e Turkey’s intervention, emphasising the unity of Syria’s social components.

The leader of the Adwan tribe, Abdulrazak al-Hilo, said: “In the name of all the Arab tribes and the communities of Ras al-Ain, we condemn the Turkish occupation of Jarablus. We appeal to the international community, the United Nations and human rights organisations to intervene and stop the Turkish violations against the Syrian people.”

Hammed Hamidi, the tribal leader of Tel Halaf town in Hasakah Governorate, said that Turkey has violated the international law by invading Syrian territory.

“The Turkish government led by Erdogan’s AK party has played a very negative role in the Syrian conflict,” Hamidi said. “Turkey has opened its borders to allow jihadists (Takfiris) [to] enter Syria. They helped terrorists invade the Syrian territory.”

The Arab protesters stressed that Turkey’s actions on the Syrian borders do not only target Kurds. The protestors believe that Turkey is endangering Syria’s ethnic and confessional mosaic.

Turkish forces entered the Syrian city of Jarablus on August 24th under the pretext of fighting ISIS and securing Turkey’s borders. However, the Turkish army also attacked Kurdish territory near Kobane, killing scores of civilians and injuring dozens. This action, conceivably directed against Kurdish fighters, raised suspicions about Turkish aims in Syria.

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