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Why some prayers are difficult to perform?

SHAFAQNA – Regular prayers and practices in Islam are for the preparation of the soul and some of these prayers are really difficult to perform. Jihad is one of those prayers, and clearly it is not easy. It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) that the person who has not been a soldier of the religion or in his/her heart has no wish to be one, will die with some kind of hypocrisy [1].

Some veils and tensions are removed only by Jihad and confrontation. Some of the superior moralities can only be gained in battlefield. Bravery and valour cannot be found by reading books or being a recluse and sitting in a corner. Hajj is another of the prayers which is Wajeb for any capable person to perform this religious duty at least once in the lifetime, and it can have its hardship and difficulty [2].

[1] Sonan Al-Nasa’ei, Vol. 6, Page 8.
[2] Shahid Motahhari, Majmoeh Aathar, Vol. 23, page 756.

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