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Revival of the Hadith of Ghadir

SHAFAQNA- “Atlas of Shia” is a book written by “Rasul Jafarian” in Persian, published in Tehran in 2008. This work, consisting of 743 pages and 12 chapters, aims to present a geographical and historical picture of Shia in the history of Islam from its inception to the first decade of the third millennium AD. “Atlas of Shia” has won the Book of the Year Award of the Islamic Republic of Iran and has been translated into Arabic as well. Shafaqna International News Cooperation has translated some sections of this book and provided them in English.

Events After the Demise of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The events following the demise of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) led to the gradual oblivion of the Hadith of Ghadir.

This continued until the time when Imam Ali (AS), after a period of deviation of the Islamic society from the principles of the Prophet’s (PBUH) tradition, assumed the caliphate. In the year 36 AH, Imam Ali (AS) went to Iraq to suppress the Jamal insurgents – Nakithin (oath-breakers). After quelling the Companions of Jamal in Dhi Qar, he proceeded towards Kufa.

When he reached Kufa, he gathered the people of the city and delivered a speech to them, stating: “Whoever among you was present and witnessed the event of Ghadir, let him rise and testify to what the Prophet (PBUH) said.” A large number of people stood up and testified to the Hadith of Ghadir. This event, known as the Hadith of Rahbah, is documented in numerous historical sources. Essentially, it was from this point that the Hadith of Ghadir resurfaced and became widely spoken about. There, several companions of the Prophet (PBUH) stood up and testified. Some individuals, like Zaid ibn Arqam, who did not testify, later claimed that their eyes were blinded as a consequence of their refusal to acknowledge Imam Ali (AS).

Ahmad ibn Hanbal, in his Musnad, narrates from Zadhan ibn Umar who said: “I heard Ali in Rahbah, asking people: ‘Who witnessed the Prophet (PBUH) on the Day of Ghadir Khumm saying what he said?’ Thirteen men stood up and testified that they heard the Prophet (PBUH) say: ‘Of whomsoever I am the master, Ali is his master.'” (Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal: 848). This narration is frequently found in Sunni Hadith sources, including in the History of Baghdad, where it mentions that only 12 participants of the Battle of Badr stood up and testified.

Part of the Book Atlas of Shia by Rasul Jafarian

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