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Archbishop of Mosul: Christians do not forget Iraq’s government constant support

Shafaqna English-  Addressing Iraqi Prime Minister, Mar Benedictus Younan, Archbishop of Mosul said: “We have confidence in your firm steps and efforts aimed at achieving your government program, which we support. We do not forget your constant support for the authentic Iraqis especially Christians, who continue to suffer.”

Christians in Nineveh urge Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Sudani to “save” the governorate from what they described as a “war of units’ heads”.

In a statement, Mar Benedictus Younan, Archbishop of Mosul for the Syriac Catholics and its surroundings, expressed “deep pain and sorrow,” marking the tenth anniversary of their “forced displacement and uprooting from their ancestral lands by the dark forces of ISIS/Daesh.” He lamented the loss of a large number of their followers “who migrated to Europe, America, Australia, and other diaspora countries due to the severity of ISIS’s actions but maintained hope and longing for a return to their homeland.”

Source: Shafaq News

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