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No One Can Ever Know The Depths Of His Substance

SHAFAQNA- WE BELIEVE that although the manifestations of His Essence is found everywhere and in everything; His substance is not known to any one! That is; no one can ever know the innermost depths of His substance. This is because whatever HIS SUBSTANCE might be, is an infinite being in all aspects and without limits of any kind; just as we are limited in contrast to HIM. On

this basis, no one can ever know what HIS substance really is!

“Behold! it is HE that encompasses all things.”


“AND Allah surrounds them from behind.”


How long would you boast of the wisdom of yours, This road can not be travelled by thought:

You could reach the innermost depth of HIS substance, If a straw could reach the bottom of an ocean.

A tradition is narrated from the Messenger of God:- “MY LORD! WE didn’t worship as you deserved; and we couldn’t know you as we should have.” Of course this tradition (HADIS), doesn’t mean that IF We cannot know HIM thoroughly; We cannot know HIM partially too: or in the limiteless knowledge of HIM We should suffice by learning some words, the meaning of which we cannot go through. This is because the Holy QURØ·N and all the Gospels and scriptures are sent to man to help him to know God

better and more. there are other instances of this matter too:_ As an example We do not know what our SOUL really is and yet we are sure that it exists and we can observe its effects and signs.

A tradition (HADIS) is narrated from Emam BØ·GHER as fallows:-

” Any thing that you may think of, is not the Lord who is the creator, but it is rather a creature created by your thoughts, and conjectures- some creatures just like yourselves, and God is greater than all.” * Emam Ali has also said,” God has not given to the wisdom, the knowledge of HIS Essence or Attributes, and yet HE has not left the wisdom unware of HIM.(1)

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