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Muslim women feel threatened in America

SHAFAQNA – “I will walk out of the studio today and take off my headscarf because it’s no longer safe to walk on the streets with a headscarf now”- Alaa Basatneh, Justice writer

America today has reached new levels of intolerance and ignorance …. and no Donald Trump’s election has nothing to do with anything. President-elect Trump did not create racism – for this we have to thank the American deep-state and liberals’ desire to use religion as a tool of division.

The sad reality today is that Muslim women feel unsafe and threaten in their religious freedom. A headscarf is just a headscarf, a mean to express piety and respect for oneself and oneself’s rights. It is done a tool of oppression, it is not a rejection of Western values and it should never be perceived as an invitation to violence.

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