4 Shias youths killed today by Saudi police in Al-awamiyah

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive) – Saudi police killed four youths Shia on Saturday in a Shia village Alawamiyeh in an operation to arrest the people who shot dead a soldier there on Sunday, the spokesman for the interior ministry said. “The primary suspect” in the Sunday shooting of the soldier was among those killed in the eastern village of Amawiya, the spokesman was quoted by the official SPA news agency as saying.

According to Saudi sources, armed forces attacked houses and choppers flew over the Shia area of Alawamiyeh. Saudi activists reported in social media that following the shootings of armed forces, one youth has been martyred and some other citizens have been injured. According to this report, Ali Abu Abdullah has been named as the youth martyred by Saudi forces. According to eye witnesses, Saudi forces have blocked all the exits from Alawamiyeh.




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