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Cognitive Dissonance in the Kingdom – The Prophet Muhammad’s birthday

SHAFAQNA – Cloaked in a legitimacy which was ever theirs to claim al-Saud royals have sat atop Islam’s holiest of cities: Mecca and Medina, the self-proclaimed Keeper of a faith their clergy has tirelessly worked to redact and pervert, so mheir will would emerge absolute.

Dogma among all dogmas, it is pestilence and odious fanaticism Wahhabism has breathed into existence since its founder, Muhammad ibn Abdel-Wahhab allied himself to Nejd Bedouins, and in fire burnt Islam’s sanctity.

For over four centuries Wahhabism has blotted our skies, and bled the innocent. Born in violence and exclusion, it is hatred and rejection Wahhabism has since promoted, fomented and manifested. From its clergy’s lips Wahhabism disappeared Islam’s pluralism to assert instead vengeful absolutism. For those who chose to remain faithful to their Scriptures and their traditions Wahhabism has offered a damning label: takfiris, and with one smooth sweep of the hands rationalised genocide.

It is genocide Wahhabism preaches from its pulpits, it is religious cleansing Wahhabism hungers for in its desire to rewrite religious history and stand a grand tyrant over the Prophet Muhammad’s legacy.

Islam you must understand does not live within the reactionary paradigm Wahhabism invented. Islam never called for annihilation – it spoke justice and freedom for those whose hearts were inclined. That of course Wahhabism chose to reinvent as a vengeful cry of war against its critics.

What the Prophet Muhammad came to unify, it exploded, what the Prophet Muhammad came to abolish, it has cemented, what the Prophet Muhammad made lawful, it declared sinful, and those the Prophet Muhammad’s appointed, it has worked to persecute even in death.

There are many words which could be written and told on the abomination which is Wahhabism; there are many adjectives which could be used to characterised the heresy which is Wahhabism … there are many words indeed which remain to be said for the soul to feel cleansed.

Those you have learn to hate under the label of Islam – those radicals you so passionately despise, we know under their real denomination: Wahhabis … and we abhor them with every fibre of our being.

We abhor them for the crimes, and the infamies they have brought upon our heads while calling us the abomination. We are of those who reject their tenets, their declaration of faith and their odious practices. We are those they call the “rejectors”. And reject them we have indeed.

Today, as millions have come together to mark the birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad, the Wahhabi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would rather the world forget. The kingdom would much rather for Islam to be divorced from its prophets so that others could be elevated in their stead.

Why else would Wahhabism have so furiously campaigned for the obliteration of Islam’s historical heritage? Why else would have Wahhabism ordered for tradition to be abandoned and cemeteries deserted if not to negate that which unite a people to spirituality?

They say our prayers are heresy … what is heretical in remembering those figures whose sacrifice and purity made it possible for us to learn to stand in dignity and in freedom? Why is it about Al Muhammad that they fear for them to demand that their names be silenced and their light deemed? Al Baqee cemetery stands in desolation when it should be bathed in light.

Silenced we shall never be! And even if the world was to fall under your blade, you shall not stop his return … you know whom I speak of even though you deny his name.

Should we break away from Islam’s tradition and abandon mourning when our hearts still ache from the villainy which claimed our Imams and saw our Ladies stand in humiliation?

Is Wahhabism grander than the mourning of Prophet Jacob, and above the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad when he, himself, recommended we honour those we loved in life, in death as well? When even Sunni Islam greatest scholar attest to such a tradition, why then decry it a heresy passable of death?[1]

What offence did Al Muhammad commit that the kingdom could deny the Prophet’s Muhammad’s birthday while celebrating that of its king. Has al-Saud now risen to the Heavens and claimed for itself the very cloak it denied AhlulBayt?

There have been many offences we have suffered over the centuries. Maybe today is the day we speak reparation and truths. Maybe today is the day we remember those two weighty things the Prophet Muhammad urged us to hold on to so that we would not go astray.

But Wahhabism still plots in the darkness of its barbaric totalitarianism. Wahhabism foams at the mouth when chests are beaten in remembrance, and names spoken in reverence.

You call us rejectors … we indeed reject you! We reject your scholars and your dogma. We reject your crimes and we reject your oppression.

We reject your custodianship … We have one better.

We reject your guidance … We have one better.

Amid the noise your armies make as they trample over our heritage, and our rights we remember the warning received:

“If you see the black flags, then hold your ground and do not move your hands or your feet. A people will come forth who are weak and have no capability, their hearts are like blocks of iron. They are the people of the State (literally the people of Al Dawla), they do not keep a promise or a treaty. They call to the truth but they are not its people. Their names are (nicknames like Abu Mohammed) and their last names (are the names of town and cities, like Al Halabi) and their hair is loose like women’s hair. (Leave them) until they fight among themselves, then Allah will bring the truth from whoever He wills.”[2]

Wahhabism exists in dissonance, we live in alliance.

[1] (Muslim, Janaiz, 106; Adahi, 37; Abu Dawud janaiz, 77; Ashriba, 7; Tirmidhi, Janaiz, 7; Nasai, Janaiz, 100; Ibn Majah, Janaiz, 47; Ahmad b. Hanbal, I, 147, 452, III, 38, 63, 237, 250, V, 35, 355, 357)

[2] In Kitab Al Fitan – a compilation of hadiths (Islamic tradition) relating to the end of times put together by prominent scholar Nuyam bin Hammad in 229 AH – Imam Ali recalls the Prophet saying

By Catherine Shakdam – Director of Programs for the Shafaqna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies

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  1. Ammar Abdullah says:

    Mashallah! What a writer. Powerful and courageous message of truth. Ms Catherine thank you for carrying the message of AhlulBayt against the lies of Wahhabism. May God keep you strong always.
    I have been reading all your articles with awe. What a beautiful soul you have.


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