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Instructions of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) to officials of the Islamic governments

SHAFAQNA – The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) appointed Moaz ibn Jabal as the governor of Yemen and in his instructions to him, said: I recommend to you; Divine Piety, truthfulness in your sayings, fulfilling your promises, safekeeping and returning others properties, avoid betrayal of trust, gentleness in the tone of your voice, greeting others first, respecting the rights of neighbours, kindness towards orphans, accomplish your deeds, curtail your desires, pay attention to hereafter, fear accountability, adhere to belief, understand and reflect in the Quran, control your anger, be gentle and kind to people, pay more attention to Salaat; kindness is the best factor for correcting, managing, leading and guiding people [1].

[1] Tohaful Oqool, Page 19.

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