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Saudi Forces Wreak Havoc in Shiite Residential Areas

SHAFAQNA – New images released by political activists demonstrate the magnitude of destruction caused by the Saudi regime forces’ shelling and gunfire in the Shiite town of al-Awamiyah in the Arab country’s eastern province of Qatif.

Saudi security forces launched a violent attack on Awamiyah on May 10, using military fighter jets, helicopters and heavy weapons, opposition media said.

New images from the Mousawarah neighborhood in Awamiyah show many residential buildings, shops and even mosques destroyed under the harsh attacks since two weeks ago, Arabic-language Al Mayadeen reported on Sunday.

According to reports, four people have been killed in the besieged town of Awamiyah so far.

The regime forces attacked the town in the wake of fierce clashes with local residents protesting the demolition of the historic Mousawarah neighborhood for a planned development project.

Since February 2011, Saudi Arabia has stepped up security measures in the Shiite-dominated Eastern Province, which has been rocked by anti-regime demonstrations.

The protesters demand free speech, the release of political prisoners and an end to economic and religious discrimination.

Source – Tasnim News Agency

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