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48 homes of resistance fighters demolished by Israel

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SHAFAQNA – A number of 48 homes of Palestinian resistance fighters demolished by Israel. 

Israeli occupation authorities have demolished and sealed 48 houses belonging to Palestinians under the pretext that one of their residents carried out attacks against Israeli targets, a new report revealed.

The Abdullah Al-Hourani Centre for Studies and Documentation said in a report yesterday that occupation forces demolished 43 houses on charges that one of their residents had carried out resistance operations against Israeli targets and sealed five houses with reinforced concrete.

According to Middle East Monitor, Israeli occupation forces demolished three houses which belonged to the Jarrar family south of Jenin while trying to locate Ahmed Nasr Jarrar who was later killed by their military.

The centre’s Director Suleiman Al-Waari said the occupation’s actions were part of the practice of collective punishment which Israel uses to try and deter Palestinians who want to stand up to its brutal occupation.


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