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The orphans of Yemen – Those are the tragedies which we cannot afford to forget! EXCLUSIVE

SHAFAQNA - If much of the world has become accustomed to the litany of destruction streaming out of Yemen, it is time we focus on the human tragedies which are choking this once proud and buoyant nation of Southern Arabia.

With a history stretching over a millennium, Yemen has seen its fair share of invaders … and yet, never did its people face such vicious and systematic attacks – especially not from an enemy who continues to portray itself as a savior and a benefactor.

If anything is to be remembered of this unlawful and amoral war on Yemen, it is that Saudi Arabia is actively engineering the destruction of a people. The sons of Hamdan have come under unprecedented pressure before the might of Nejd Bedouins.

But if armies can be bought and men’s loyalties changed, Yemen was carved in a different clothe altogether.

Yemenis today are fighting for their children’s future. And while their weapons might be lesser in comparison to the technological prowess of Al Saud, their hands are strong and their heart steady.

But this war is not just a battle of wills in between two armies or two people … this war is claiming Yemen’s innocence by manufacturing orphans.

And if surely every death is a tragedy in itself, what should be said of a life robbed of its future?

As bombs rain, it is such questions which have come to darkened the skies of Yemen – As for those criminals who still can manage to rationalize the unthinkable, their deeds will be weighted in a higher court.

If evil has indeed not one but many faces, its victims all share in the same heartbreak … In Yemen today this pain has befallen four innocent children, the unwarranted victims of a colonial war.

Those children are . Rayan 12, Rawmisa 10, Ra’afat 8 and Retaj 7.

Earlier this September those four brothers and sister lost both their parents – their mother to breast cancer and their father to a Saudi-bomb, both their deaths were preventable, both their deaths were fastened by Saudi Arabia.

Under an almost absolute blockade Yemen has been deprived of food, medicine and other essential commodities. To add insults to injuries, Yemen power and water infrastructures have been the systematic targets of air raid; living millions without running water and electricity.

Under the reign of terror of Al Saud Royals, Yemen’s hospitals resemble more mortuaries than they do places of healing … and yet the world remains silent.

Those children now face an uncertain tomorrow! Who will offer them the protection they deserve? Who will be there to dry their tears and bring back their smiles?

If not for the Mona Relief organization those children would have remained anonymous, another dot on the long list of crimes the kingdom is committing in Yemen.

As Eid Al Adha draws near, as the Muslim community is coming together in prayers to remember Prophet Ibrahim’s absolute submission before God, spare Yemen a prayer, give Yemen’s orphans the future they were robbed by speaking on their behalf.

The day we are able to walk from our children’s pain will truly be the day we lose ourselves completely.

Yemen is more than a territory, it is a people and a history. #IamYemen


By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna















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