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The last sentences of Imam Hussain (AS) before his martyrdom

SHAFAQNA – On the Day of Ashura when Shemr sat on the blessed chest of Imam Hussain (AS), Imam’s eyes were full of dust and blood, and Imam (AS) asked: Who are you sitting on my chest? Shemr replied: Shemr ibn Zeljoshan. Imam (AS) asked: Who am I? Shemr replied: You are Hussain ibn Ali. Imam (AS) asked: What do you want to do? Shemr replied: I want to cut off your head. Imam (AS) asked: Why? Shemr replied: If I do not do it; who else is going to take the prize from Yazid? Because Yazid said: Whoever brings Hussain’s head, I will give him a prize, and I want to receive that prize. Imam (AS) said: Do you want to make a deal? Shemr replied: What do I do? Imam Hussain (AS) replied: Forget the prize, I will ask the Prophet (PBUH) to intercede on your behalf. Shemr said: Swear to God, a prize for me, is better than you and your grandfather. It has been mentioned in historical references that, Imam Hussain (AS) smiled, and Shemr (the cursed one), cut off Imam’s blessed head [1].

[1] Jelvehayee az Ashura, Seyyed Ali Akbar Parvaresh, Page 301.

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