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Saudi Detainment of Hariri Hostile Act against Lebanon: President Aoun


For the first time in twelve days, Lebanese President Michel Aoun said it frankly: Premier Saad Hariri is held by Saudi authorities in Riyadh.

The Lebanese President on Wednesday, described the move as a hostile act against Lebanon, stressing that nothing justifies Hariri’s absence for twelve days.

Aoun in the previous days refused to accept Hariri’s surprise resignation, which was announced from Riyadh. The Lebanese president call for return of Hariri, and said that the ambiguous situation of the Lebanese PM makes all what he states unreliable.  However, Aoun stopped short from saying it with this clearance, that Hariri is held captive by Saudi Arabia.

“Nothing justifies the failure of Prime Minister Saad Hariri to return for 12 days, therefore we consider him to be held and detained, contrary to the Vienna Convention,” Aoun said in a tweet on the official Lebanese presidency account.

“No decision can be made on a resignation from abroad,” he reiterated in a tweet on the presidency’s account on Wednesday.

“He should return to Lebanon to present his resignation or withdraw it, or to discuss the reasons for it and how to address them,” Aoun added.

“We cannot extend this wait and lose time, we cannot stop state affairs,” the president added.

Meanwhile, he assured that the financial and security situation in Lebanon is under control.

“Do not be afraid, whether economically, financially or in terms of security,” President Aoun wrote.

“The country is safe and the financial markets are functioning properly.”

Talking about Hariri’s family, President Aoun stressed that they are also held in Saudi Arabia, revealing that they are subjected to inspection by Saudi forces whenever they get in or out of their residence.

“We are certain that they are also held in Saudi Arabia,” President Aoun said, stressing: “We Won’t accept that PM Hariri remains hostage.”

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