6 Seconds Not Enough for Your Video? Ocho Gives You 8

SHAFAQNA – Do you have a video you want to share that’s too long for Vine’s 6-second limit, but too short for Instagram’s 15-second one? Sounds like you need Ocho, the latest social video platform, which launched Tuesday for free on iOS, with Android coming soon. It distinguishes itself from the competition mainly by the different time limit — 8 seconds — and a few streamlined features like time-lapses and easy voiceovers for videos you’ve shot. Backed by Mark Cuban and toting 1.6 million in funding, Ocho isn’t some dark horse, but may be a real challenger.

But does the world really need another app like this? The creators seem to think there’s room for a strictly-video social network — Vine is often used in conjunction with Twitter, and Instagram is mainly for still photos. Ocho is all video, all the time, even for comments. Will that be enough to attract users who already see videos in five or six other social feeds? Try it and decide for yourself.

Source : http://www.nbcnews.com/tech/social-media/6-seconds-not-enough-your-video-ocho-gives-you-8-n246546


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