60 Most Believed Superstitions of India

SHAFAQNA – Cultures all around the world have different superstitious beliefs and as such are not specific to India. India is a melting pot of cultures and hence there are numerous superstitious beliefs. While many have logical and scientific reasons behind them, some are just illogical. Here are 60 Most Believed Superstitions of India.

Black Cat Crossing-Most Believed Superstitions of India

1. A black cat crossing your path is a bad omen.

2. Snakes drink milk.

3. Snakes carry a diamond in their forehead.

4. Don’t sweep the floor after evening.

5. Don’t pluck flowers/leaves during after evening.

6. Spray some water droplets on a person who returns from a funeral.

7. Don’t wave your legs sitting on a chair.

8. Don’t leave your slippers inverted on the floor.

9. Hiccups indicate someone is thinking of you.

10. Always donate a sum of Rs.101 instead of Rs.100 or Rs.51 instead of Rs.50. The extra rupee is supposed to bring good luck.



Chilli-Lemon-Most Believed Superstitions of India

11. Chilli-Lemon everyday outside everything to wards off the evil eye.

12. Menstruating women should not be allowed to enter the kitchen.

13. Girls should not be near the temple when they are menstruating.

14. Don’t throw hair strands in the house. It causes quarrel.

15. Don’t hand over knife/scissors to a friend. It leads to fight.

16. A wish made while seeing a rainbow or falling meteor is fulfilled.

17. Salt pinch circled around a person’s head to ward off evil eyes.

18. Broken idols or out of order clocks in your house bring bad luck.

19. Sleeping with a scissor under your pillow wards off nightmares.

20. Broken glass in the house is not good according to the “Vastu shastra.”


Nail Cutting-Most Believed Superstitions of India

21. You can’t have a shave or haircut or cut nails on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturdays or beyond 06:00 p.m.

22. Never cross or jump across the broken pumpkins or coconuts on the road.

23. Your entire life and its due course are decided by the time and place of your birth.

24. Never ask the question “Where are you going?” while someone is leaving the house. Its purpose will not be fulfilled.

25. If you are about to travel or do something important and someone sneezes it’s a bad omen.

26. Never use your left hand to handle anything, most probably money or food.

27. Twitching of the right eye is good for Men, whereas twitching of the left eye is good for Women.

28. If a crow calls on your house it is a sign of visiting relatives.

29. Shopkeepers don’t sell thread and needle after nightfall.

30. Fasting will fulfill your desires.


Number 13-Most Believed Superstitions of India

31. Number 13 is considered to be an evil number. That’s why many Indian high-rise buildings have no 13th floor or flat number 13.

32. It is bad omen to step into ones new house left leg first.

33. Women should let their husbands eat first, serve him and then eat.

34. It is a sin to eat meat on certain days.

35. If you sin in this life time, in your next birth you will be born as a pig, dog or a cat.

36. Everyone gets 7 births. Your next is based on the good deeds done by you in this birth.

37. Something or the other is always responsible for our losses and failures. It’s either the stars or bad Vaastu or bad deeds in the past.

38. If kumkum (Vermilion powder) gets spilled, it will bring bad luck.

39. You do not eat while facing south.

40. If one wears a certain valuable stones you could change your luck, have better health or financial future.



Kundali -Most Believed Superstitions of India

41. Kundali (natal chart) is a way to check the compatibility of future couples.

42. A girl/guy who is a strong mangalik (Determined by kundali again) can prove to be dangerous to the life of her/his partner.

43. Bathing in Ganga washes your past sins.

44. When a girl is married off, the girl’s family should not accept anything or eat/drink at her in-laws place.

45. One should not whistle at night.

46. Cracking knuckles brings bad luck.

47. Offering bribes to God will fast track your prayers.

48. Wearing black/yellow/red/orange thread on your right wrist brings good luck.

49. Crushing lemons by the wheels of your new vehicle will avoid any future accidents.

50. The preservation of family honor solely depends on the actions of the girls in the family.


Solar Eclipse-Most Believed Superstitions of India

51. It is unhealthy to eat during lunar and solar eclipses.

52. No moon day is inauspicious.

53. Repeatedly yawning indicates that someone is thinking about you.

54. Drinking water after eating fruits will give a tummy ache.

55. Lifting weights and demanding physical activity are reserved for the poor and the jobless.

56. Sneezing once when you make a statement indicates that what you said is true.

57. If a lizard makes a sound when you make a statement, it indicates that what you said is true.

58. If right palm itches (left for females), it will bring you money or favors.

59. Taking a teaspoon of curd with little sugar before exam will bring good luck.

60. Teen tigaadaa, kaam bigada. Bad luck occurs if you take things numbering three instead of any other number.


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