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Extremists Storm Iranian Embassy in London, Take Down Flag + Exclusive Vidoes

In an extremist and illegal act, four men dressed in black raided the Iranian embassy in London, Friday afternoon 09th March, reportedly armed with machetes and baseball bats before climbing the wall of the building, going to the balcony, taking down the Iranian flag and putting up their flag (Khoddam Almahdi).

The slogans chanted by the attackers indicate that they are members of a Britain based group (Khoddam Almahdi ) supporting Ayatollah Sayyed Sadeq Shirazi and his son Sayyed Hussein Shirazi. Interestingly, the slogans chanted against the Islamic Republic were in Persian but with a strong Arabic accent.

The raid happened around 4:30 pm on Friday afternoon and finished when police removed them.

The whole event was broadcasted live on Fadak which is affiliated to Sheikh Yasser Habib Alhabib, a Kuwaiti original radical preacher who insists on a gap between the Shia and the Sunni and insults the first three Sunni caliphate. It is thought that the Khadim Almahdi group is linked to him.

The following footages show the attackers standing on the balcony of the embassy building. One of the men apparently just took down the Iranian flag, while two others displayed the flags of the UK-based radical Shia Muslim Khoddam Al-Mahdi organisation.



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