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Swiss researcher visits Imam Ali shrine: “I feel my dreams came true”

SHAFAQNA – The Swiss researcher, Alfera Karbooz, visited the holy shrine of Imam Ali (PBUH). She saw the archeological sites and the landmarks of the holy shrine.

Moreover, she visited al-Rawdha al-Haidaryah library. Afterward, she met with Fa’iq al-Shimmari, the head of the Media Department.

In a statement to the Media Center of the Holy Shrine, Karbooz said, “Ten years earlier, I visited the holy shrine of Imam Ali (PBUH) and this is my second visit.

I am specialized in writing research about Najaf city and I have visited many research centers and libraries. I found many books and collected many pieces of information for my researches.

I noticed the love and affection of the pilgrims to the great Imam (PBUH); therefore, I felt safe and I feel that my dreams came true.”

Source – ABNA

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