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Munich University Archaeologists visit Imam Ali shrine

SHAFAQNA – Historians and archeologists from the University of Munich visited the holy shrine of Imam Ali (PBUH). They commended the attendance of academic students along with the students of Hawza (religious seminary). This drags the attention to the fact that the holy shrine is not only a place for worship and spiritually but also a place for learning and seeking knowledge.

The archeological Prof. Adelheid Otto said, “I visited most of the archeological sites in Iraq but it is my first visit to the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali (PBUH). For the first time, I see a place full of spiritually in every sense. You feel that you are near to the sky searching for spiritual white image.”

She expressed her thanks and gratitude to the warm hospitality and reception of the staffs of the holy shrine.

Prof. Abbas Ali, an instructor in Qadisiyah University, said, “I have given many lectures in Polonia University and many other European universities. I accompanied this delegation in Iraq showing them the archeological sites. We aim at filling the gap of cooperation among the universities. The horizons of cooperation between Qadisiyah and Kufa universities in one hand and between Munich and Polonia universities in the other hand are seen now.”

“The European Union is going to hold the International Eastern Ruins Conference soon. The union has a complete department specialized in studying Islamic ruins. However, Wadi al-Salaam (Valley of Peace) cemetery will be added to the World Heritage List,” he explained.


Source – ABNA

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