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The Soul Cries – Imam Ali poem

SHAFAQNA – The soul cries over this world and yet acknowledges that the happiness within it is to abandon what is within it
There is no house for the individual to live in after death, except for the one that he built before his death
And if he built it with goodness, pleasing his settlement will become
And if he built it with evil, dissapointed its builder will be
Our money for our heirs we collect it, and our homes for the corruption of time we build it
Where are the kings that were proudly dictating? Till the pourer of death poured death upon them
And how many cities were built upon the horizon? Which eventually became devastated while its citizens tasted death
Don’t submit to this world and what’s within it, for surely, without a doubt, death will end us and end it
For every soul, even if it was powerful, had hopes that were overcome by death
The individual entertains it [the soul] while time kills it
And the individual opens it, while death puts an end to it
Surely the perfection of morals is pure
Religion is its first, intellect is its second
And knowledge is its third, and tolerance is its fourth
And generous is its fifth, and graciousness is its sixth
And activity serving the people is its seventh, and thankfulness is its eighth
And patience is its ninth, and gentleness is its preserver
And the soul knows that I do not befriend it
And I won’t take the wise step to disobey it
And I work for tomorrow world [the Hereafter] to the satisfaction of its ower
And the neighbour is Ahmed [saaw] [in heaven] and the Merciful [SWT] is its creator
Its palaces are golden, and its heavenly perfume is its mud
And the saffron is its lushed grasses, graffitied upon it
Its rivers are yoghurt, purified and of honey
And heavenly wine flows, of sweet nectar, in its canals
And the birds fly between their branches, praising Allah [SWT] loudly in their songs
And whoever wants to own a home here he should build it, with a sincere prayer in the darkness of the night.

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