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Born in Ka’aba

SHAFAQNA – Fatimah Bintal Asad bin Hashim (SA) was due to deliver her baby. She stood near Ka’aba and prayed to God by saying: O’ God, I believe in God and Divine Prophets, I believe in what my ancestor Ibrahim Al-Khalil (AS) said, the one who rebuilt/overhauled Ka’aba. O’ God, for the sake of the one who built this house and for the sake of the child I have in my stomach, make delivery of this child easy to me. At this moment, by God’s order, the cracks appeared in the wall of Ka’aba and Fatimah (SA) entered inside Ka’aba, and then the cracks in the wall re-joined. The people present were amazed, another surprising case was that people wanted to open the door of Ka’aba so that in their mind to save Fatimah Bint Asad (SA).

No key could open the door and no pickaxe was effective on the building. All the people of Mecca were informed about this event and found out that this cannot be an ordinary case but a Divine Command. Three days past from that amazing event, and they suddenly saw that Fatimah (SA) came out of Ka’aba whilst holding a child. They gathered around her, and asked her how she was; everyone was asking her a question and was commenting on something. Fatimah (SA) said: When I entered Ka’aba, I ate from heavenly fruits which were there, my child was born, and when I wanted to come out, I heard an invisible sound saying: O’ Fatimah, call this child “Ali” as God declares that I have taken his name from My Name [1].

[1] Kashful Qommah, Vol.1, Page 83.

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