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Course on Iraqi Style Quran Recitation Underway in Najaf

SHAFAQNA – According to the website of the Astan, Seyyed Hani Mousawi, supervisor of the Quranic program, said that the course has been organized in line with a national plan titled “Alawi Support for Iraqi recitation style of the Holy Quran”.

The Dar-ol-Quran is implementing the plan all over the country to revive the noble Iraqi heritage in Quran recitation, he added.

He said that promoting the skills of Qaris in Iraqi Quran recitation style is another objective of the plan.

As many as 120 Quran reciters have registered to take the Quranic course, which has three levels. The first level started on April 6 with 37 participants.

Eminent Iraqi Quran experts such as Fadhil Aram, Heidar Kadhimi, Ahmad Najafi and Amir Ka’bi teach the course.

Iraqi and Egyptian styles are the two famous Quran recitation styles in the Muslim world that have their own special features. The Iraqi recitation style is known with modesty in the Qaris’ voice.


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