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Kuwait ranks 10th globally on most popular travel destinations for Muslims

SHAFAQNA – Kuwait ranks last in the Gulf and 10th globally on the most popular travel destinations for Muslim in 2018, according to Global Muslim Travel Index 2018 issued by Mastercard-Crescentrating company.

Kuwait recorded 60.5 points in the index that covers a total of 130 countries, while the UAE topped the chart in the region, and Malaysia retained its first position globally with 80.6 points, followed by Indonesia. Turkey came third, followed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Morocco and Kuwait.

Muslim travel market is on course to continue its fastpaced growth expected to reach $220 billion in 2020 and increase further by $80 billion to reach $300 billion by 2026.
In 2017, roughly 131 million Muslim visitor arrivals were recorded globally — up from 121 million in 2016 — and this is forecasted to increase to 156 million visitors by 2020, and contribute significantly to the travel segment by 10 percent. For the first 10 non-OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) destinations in the World Muslim Travel Index for 2018, Singapore came first, followed by Thailand, then United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Africa, Germany, France and Australia.
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